We convert the art of living into acts of performance

Imagine 3 characters in real life playing the roles of Michael Scott from The Office, Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Harvey Specter From The Suits getting together in Central Perk to start an IT-based design studio over a cup of coffee. Yes, we never expected this but, here we are.

We are a bunch of insomniacs who live on caffeine, tequila, leads, data, and planning on our next big trip. Nope, we do not live a humdrum life, we're just digital geeks who are pixelating and building a wider picture for the digital world.

We take delight in our work and culture. Present your goals and visions in front of us and watch us pick up your results. Armed with online meetings, love for leads, and discussing trends, we at Pixelotech, consider every pixel of your brief and curate a clear strategy, vision, and vivid experience for you and your end-users. We strive to grab new possibilities while trying not to stutter or trip, but to walk with determination, passion and decode the unknown and the known.


Help companies create successful software products in a collaborative relationship.


Help companies create successful software products in a collaborative relationship.

What drive us ?

We live and breathe by partnering with start-ups where we can challenge the status quo and drive growth.

Our team at Pixelotech is inquisitive, loaded with problem-solving talent heads dedicated to the pursuit of digital excellence.

What do we do?

From basic Kanban to full-fledged AGILE teams, we've got to a point that allows us to adapt to your team, and we’re proud to say that this is our best feature. We lead, we advise, or we just build the thing, it depends on you and the role you want us to take in your project. We’ve been there and done that.

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